039 The Crucial Case For Monitoring The Finances Of Elderly Loved Ones

Season #2

Did you know that financial mistakes are one of the biggest signs or symptoms of Alzheimer's and related dementias even up to six years prior to a diagnosis? And according to the journal of health economics, during early-stage Alzheimer's people are up to 27% more likely than cognitively healthy people to experience a large decline in their liquid assets, such as savings and checking accounts, stocks, and bonds.

The fact, that Alzheimer's and related dementia people are likely to experience financial loss at a very early stage is one of the biggest reasons why we have to help our family members when it comes to finances, and family members and elderly loved ones need to be, or hopefully will be, willing to allow us to be helpful.

In this episode, my guest Cameron Huddleston discusses all of the different ways that gift cards and financial scams can come to impact our elderly loved ones and the ways that we can help.

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