025 Inherited IRAs - What You Need To Know To Avoid Losing It All

The Supreme Court’s recent decision in Clark v. Rameker means that every person needs to understand their options for protecting this important asset!

If you own an IRA, 401k, 403b, tax-deferred annuity, or other qualified assets, understanding a recent Supreme Court decision (Clark v. Rameker) is essential if you wish this asset to be protected from creditors or bankruptcy.

The point:  INHERITED IRAs are not protected!  Yet, with some SMART PLANNING, they can be.  You just need to understand how and why to do it.

Every person that has this type of asset, every financial professional (including financial planners and CPAs), and every estate planning attorney need to hear and understand this.

I wrote a blog post on this topic (An Inherited IRA Is NOT Protected From Creditors in Bankruptcy!) the day after the decision was rendered.  You can access the decision and learn more: click here.