026 The Five Strategic Reasons To Consider Refinancing NOW with Kevin Weedmark

In this episode, expert guest Kevin Weedmark discusses how to think strategically about your home and the financial situation around your home, particularly as it relates to refinancing in today's market.

Kevin has been in the real estate and mortgage industry for 18 years. He prides himself on thinking "outside the box" when it comes to helping clients get to their goals.

I was really surprised at how much I learned in this interview, even though the surprises were mostly related to one concept I try to really make people understand every day, which is - LAWS CHANGE, and your plan should change with it!

Here's what we discuss in this interview:

#1 - Were you a Cash Buyer? - Free up your cash

#2 - Do You Have Mortgage Insurance or Worse an FHA loan - The very important financial reasons you need to do whatever you can to ditch mortgage insurance or move from FHA to a conventional loan

#3 - College - Are you prepared? With the increase in home values now may be a great time to fund your child's tuition

#4 - Retired or close to retirement? - Cash flow becomes a major concern -- understand your options; keep as much cash as possible

#5 - Vacation or Second Home? - Often forgot - the perception is rates are or must be higher (absolutely false)

About Kevin: Kevin was raised in Upstate New York, where his mother worked three (3) jobs to send him to private school. (The private school was a military school with a lot of discipline and rigor, which has funneled into his life to this day.) Kevin was the first in his family to have the honor of attending and graduating from college.

He has two children and currently resides in Northville, Michigan.

Kevin's mortgage, real estate and credit repair businesses serve clients throughout the entire Metro Detroit area.

To reach Kevin:

Phone:  (248) 854-9233

Email: [email protected]

Online:  www.kevinweedmark.com

Twitter:  @kevinweedmark