#38 Crucial Conversations About Death with Dr. Kim Fisher

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Episode #38 Crucial Conversations About Death with Dr. Kim Fisher

In this week's episode:

Have you ever had to make the decision to let someone else die? Or even a decision for someone else to have a procedure that could lead to their death. Or, did your family have conflict around either one of these topics?

While we're healthy, it's really easy to ignore these issues. It is much harder to talk about them and even more difficult when someone gets ill. But as my guest today will tell you, these are crucial and loving conversations, and having them can make all the difference. 

In this episode, Dr. Kim Fisher and I will explore: 

  •  What questions to ask and think about, while having these important conversations with your loved ones. 
  •  When, and how often, should we have these critical conversations? 
  •  How can we empower our healthcare proxies to be our knowledgeable advocates, if we find ourselves in a situation where we can’t speak for ourselves? 
  •  If these kinds of conversations are too difficult to have with our loved ones, who are the people we should reach out to? 


Dr. Kim Fischer is a board-certified physician anesthesiologist and an advanced care planning coach. She helps take-charge women in the thick of life get clear on what they want to happen should an accident or illness arise that renders them unable to speak for themselves in an ER or hospital.

As an advanced care planning coach, Dr. Fischer supports you in having crucial conversations with your loved ones so that everyone knows your wishes explicitly and there is no ambiguity.

Outside of work, Dr. Fischer can be found hiking throughout Colorado or making everything-but-the-kitchen-sink hummus to enjoy with her husband.


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The biggest problem, too often, is that “traditional” notions of what is right to do in both legal and financial estate planning don’t always work in today’s world.

I created SmartPlanning101 to help all of us learn how to be better planners for the future – and stay in control. To learn how and when we need to challenge the “status quo” and “conventional wisdom.” To be in a nutshell- “smart planners.”

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