#34 The Truth About Your Health And Your Privacy

Smart Planning 101
Episode #34 The Truth About Your Health And Your Privacy

In this week's episode:

Right now, we are thinking about our healthcare and our privacy more than ever. Nicole covers what “healthcare privacy” really means, what the limits of privacy are for us as individuals, and what the law says about our healthcare and privacy.

In this episode:

    •  What “healthcare privacy” really means what are the limits for us as individuals
    •  What the law says about our healthcare and our privacy
    •  The government’s role in maintaining or protecting our privacy
    •  Employment and healthcare privacy under HIPAA and the ADA
    •  HIPAA, the health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996:
      •  Do you have the right to access your own medical information and history?
      •  Who, or what entities, are required to follow HIPAA guidelines?
      •  What information is and isn’t protected under HIPAA?
      •  What organizations are NOT required to protect your healthcare information, under HIPAA
  •  Healthcare Privacy & the Constitution
    •  Why the right to privacy is not “absolute”
    •  Whalen v. Roe (1977) - The link to more information about this case is in the show links below.



DISCLAIMER: This podcast is intended to be general information only and not legal advice. If you have a specific question about your situation, please get advice from an attorney that specializes in healthcare, privacy and or whatever your specific question is.

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