#31 Forced Frailty and Eviction By Design - What Cities And Municipalities Can Do About it

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Episode #31 Forced Frailty and Eviction By Design - What Cities And Municipalities Can Do About it

In this week's episode:

Do you, or do your parents or even grandparents, want to remain at home for the rest of your life?  For over 75% of people age 50 and above, the answer is yes.  But sadly, less than 1% of people actually live in an environment that makes this possible.

Right now we are at a unique point in history where there is legislation that can actually help counties, cities, and municipalities create a new reality for their residents. Join me with my special guest, Esther Greenhouse, to learn more about the longevity economy, how our homes are forcing us into frailty, and how our state and local governments can rise to this challenge RIGHT NOW.


About Esther Greenhouse:

Esther Greenhouse is a unique professional.  She is a built environment strategist, consulting with organizations to create innovative initiatives at the intersection of society’s challenges and the built environment. 


Her mission is to change the way we design and build our nation’s places to eliminate the discrimination, dependency, and forced frailty created by the status quo. Applying her unique Enabling Design Approach, she leverages the power of informed design to enable all people to thrive. To that end, Esther is collaborating with AARP International on a multi-year initiative for the creation of Enabling and Equitable Housing and Multigenerational Communities. At Cornell University, she is an adjunct lecturer and an industry scholar in the Institute for Healthy Futures.  She has been invited to contribute her expertise presenting for the Clinton Global Initiative, co-authored the American Planning Association’s Aging in Community Policy Guide, and consulted on the design of the U.S.’s first elder-focused emergency department.  Ms. Greenhouse is the Strategic Director for one of the nation’s first Age-Friendly Centers for Excellence.


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The biggest problem, too often, is that “traditional” notions of what is right to do in both legal and financial estate planning don’t always work in today’s world.

I created SmartPlanning101 to help all of us learn how to be better planners for the future – and stay in control. To learn how and when we need to challenge the “status quo” and “conventional wisdom.” To be in a nutshell- “smart planners.”

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