# 22 Financial & Retirement Planning Lies With Kim Butler

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Episode #22 Financial & Retirement Planning Lies With Kim Butler

In this week's episode:

What are we learning from “conventional wisdom” that may threaten our financial future?

Conventional wisdom related to financial and retirement planning can lead to poor -or even devastating- financial results. What does this mean? What are you being told that is leading you down the wrong path? How can we start to think about our financial future in a way that leads to the best results?

Guest Kim Butler, the founder of Partners for Prosperity and The Prosperity Economics Movement (as well as being a coach for the elite entrepreneur coaching organization, Strategic Coach), discusses all in this episode.

In this episode, you will learn:

1. “Why the idea of retirement is fundamentally flawed;”

2. “The whole truth about 401(k)s – why you’ll keep less than you think;”

3. “How financial planners skew projections, creating false expectations”


Learn About Kim Butler

kim butler

“Dairy cows don’t care if you don’t feel like milking them – you just gotta do it! Twice a day. EVERY day.”

Milking those cows, twice a day, every day, on her family’s farm in Oregon taught Kim Butler powerful life lessons from age 10 that she never forgot. Selling that milk, buying the feed, caring for the cows, selecting the next cow to buy, and saving her money, allowed Kim to pay her own way through private college. Teaching and helping others throughout her childhood no doubt came naturally to Kim, as her parents were both teachers. And her strong moral compass of what was right and wrong shines through her early spiritual upbringing. All of her early life was about renewal and growth, a theme that has sustained her throughout her career.

“Making money grow became a new mindset for me.”

After interviewing 40 junior attorneys during her stint with a major law firm, Kim discovered that her natural tendency to focus on growth and renewal was not going to be nurtured in the study of law. But her roommate at the time was in banking and Kim truly blossomed in that atmosphere. Bitten by the banking bug, Kim began a quest to understand how money could become a tool for more growth, not just an exchange for time.

“Entrepreneurs were sprouting up in the deserts of Arizona!”

Following the debacle of the Savings and Loan scandals and the wreckage of many financial markets, Kim helped young entrepreneurs in the Phoenix area grow their businesses to incredible heights. But something was still missing.

“Giving people money was not enough!”

Working in the banking industry was strangling Kim’s innate desire to help people grow. She could only provide business loans to her customers. And she knew they needed a more integrated financial solution. While she earned her formal financial planning licensure and was very successful in helping people grow their investments, she realized something was still not quite right.

“Throw out your financial plan!”

“They just didn’t work in the long run! The huge financial plans we would present to our clients just did not get to the real heart of the problems people had in growing their net worth. They needed a better mindset about money and a better system to manage and grow to create true financial independence.”

“Finally, I found the launch codes!”

“When I started work with Robert Kiyosaki, international best-selling author of the Rich Dad series, the clouds parted and finally I could see the light we had been missing. I recognized that financial planning was so limiting because it made false assumptions about needs and goals 30 years from now, so it gave people a false sense of security. So Partners for Prosperity was founded to help people with maximization planning. This enables us to teach clients seven distinct Principles of Prosperity™ that allow you to look at what each of your dollars is doing today and maximize their potential by getting them to do the work of more than one job.”

About the show

Planning isn’t just about getting your will done or going to see your financial planner once a year. SMART planning involves an educated process that incorporates the latest in legal, financial, and healthcare strategies to work toward the most desirable result – the quality of life, throughout your entire life.

The biggest problem, too often, is that “traditional” notions of what is right to do in both legal and financial estate planning don’t always work in today’s world.

I created SmartPlanning101 to help all of us learn how to be better planners for the future – and stay in control. To learn how and when we need to challenge the “status quo” and “conventional wisdom.” To be in a nutshell- “smart planners.”

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