# 21 Irrevocable Trusts (Part 2) with David Zumpano

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Episode #21 Irrevocable Trusts (Part 2) with David Zumpano

In this week's episode:

Irrevocable trusts, traditionally, are estate tax planning devices. Very few Americans in 2014 need estate tax planning, however - less than 2%. Why, then, would you want an irrevocable trust?

This series, including part 1 at www.SmartPlanning101.com/20, focuses on a new type of irrevocable trust known as the irrevocable pure grantor trust.

Irrevocable pure grantor trusts are mainly used to protect assets from creditors and predators and can be an excellent pre-planning tool for elder law attorneys and their clients.  Understanding what they are, and how they differ, from traditional irrevocable trusts is essential.

In this episode, David Zumpano, a nationally recognized expert on asset protection and elder law planning (also a CPA & attorney) discusses this irrevocable trust, who it is for, and why you may want one. 

Learn how this type of trust is one of the best ways to truly keep your money “safe.”

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